Oslo Movement Gathering – Scandinavias biggest tricking event:

Every year since 2018 we’ve hosted Scandinavias, and one of northern Europes biggest tricking gatherings and competitions with some of the worlds best tricking athletes  and guests from all over the world:

We welcome you all to our 4th Oslo Movement Gathering, October 8-10th 2021!

Due to the ongoing pandemic and uncertainty around traveling/ quarantine/restrictions, we recommend international guests to wait with buying tickets and travel until closer.

Gathering pass (990 NOK ≈ $118 /€97) includes access to:

– 2 x Competition size spring floors
– Area with crash mats & foam obstacles
– Separate parkour gym next door
– Gymnastic trampoline
– Multiple airtracks

– OMG Battles
– Workshops
– City spots tour

– 2 x Breakfast
– Sleeping area (Bring your own pillow/sleeping bag/matress)
– On-site medical assistant


★ To be announced

★ To be announced

★ To be announced

★ To be announced

★ To be announced

★ To be announced

Get your tickets HERE

Before you book your tickets and arrange travel, make sure your country is green on the map here:


Location: Viqueens Hallen
Address: Sandstuveien 70 (Building D) 0680 Oslo, Norway
Metro station: Ryen (10 minutes from the gym)
Airport: Gardemoen (OSL)
Train/bus: Oslo S (Then metro to station Ryen)

Age limit: 10 years+