We welcome you all to our 5th year of Oslo Movement Gathering! 

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We look forward to seeing you all soon! Send us a DM on Instagram or e-mail to if you have any questions.

Friday 7th:

17.00 Check in opens

18.00-23.00 Open training

00.00 Lights off sleeping area

Saturday 8th:

08.30 Morning sauna (Bus from Persveien 08.04)

09.00-11.00 Breakfast

11.00-17.00 Open training

18.00-21.00 Night show

21.00-23.00 Open training

00.00 Lights off sleeping area

Sunday 9th:

08.30 Morning sauna (Bus from Persveien 08.04)

09.00-11.00 Breakfast

11.00-16.00 Open training

16.00: Doors close – See you next year!

Location and getting there

Doors open at 17.00, so please try to arrive around that time, and no earlier. 

The gym is called Viqueenshallen, and is located at the address Persveien 22, 0581 Oslo – Not the same place as before to be clear for anyone who’ve been to previous gatherings.

Metro/Bus: Metro 5 Vestli (eastbound) to Økern – Bus 100 or 68 to Persveien
Airport: Gardemoen (OSL) or Torp (TRF)

The metro takes around 10 min, and then it’s 10-12 minutes of walking to the gym. 

To buy tickets for the metro/train/bus, you can either download the app Ruter, or buy tickets at the Narvesen shops you find pretty much everywhere in the city and around the central station.


We serve breakfast from 09-11 for everyone sleeping at the gym. During daytime you’ll find the supermarket Kiwi around 5 minutes to the gym, and a couple of restaurant around the metro station. We have microwave ovens and kettles for boiling water available. 


Since there is no showers in the gym, we’ve booked saunas on the fjord Saturday and Sunday morning where you can sauna, swim and shower. The booking is from 08.30-10.00, so you have to take the bus 08.04 from Persveien (5-6 minutes from the gym) to be there in time.

Alcohol/drugs in or around the gym is strictly forbidden.